Three students arrested in bomb threats on Conn. schools

In the lobby of the Bristol Police Department, Mayor Ken Cockayne and Superintendent of Schools Ellen Solek try to reassure parents after a string of threats made against schools.

CBS Connecticut

BRISTOL, Conn. - Police say at least eight schools in Bristol, Conn., have received bomb threats recently and three students have been arrested.

CBS Connecticut reports a 13-year-old Chippens Hill Middle School student was arrested for making a threat on her school Wednesday. On Thursday, two 10-year-old girls were arrested for allegedly making similar threats.

One of the girls arrested Thursday allegedly made a threat on her school, Stafford Elementary, on Wednesday and is charged with false reporting, threatening, reckless endangerment and breach of peace, according to the station.

The second girl was arrested Thursday morning on the same charges for a threat on her school, Edgewood Elementary. The station reports the threat was discovered on the wall of a female bathroom.

Other threats have been reported at Green Hills School on Thursday; St. Paul Catholic High School on Wednesday; Northeast Middle School on Tuesday; and Bristol Eastern and Bristol Central High School last week. No arrests have been made in those specific cases at this time.

No bombs have been discovered and no one has been injured in the over half-dozen threats that have come in over the last nine or 10 days, reports CBS Connecticut. Still, Bristol police are taking all of these incidences seriously and expect to make more arrests.