"Three Cups of Tea" author to pay back $1 million

Greg Mortenson

(CBS News) For years, Greg Mortenson traveled the country promoting his best-selling book, "Three Cups of Tea," and raised tens of millions of dollars to build schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Now, a 31-page report by the Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock reveals Mortenson failed to reimburse his own charity, The Central Asia Institute, for more than a million dollars in expenses.

Best-selling author Mortenson must pay back $1 million
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Officials conducted a yearlong probe after a report on "60 Minutes" uncovered evidence that Mortenson misspent the money and fabricated stories in his book.

Under the Attorney General's settlement, Mortenson has resigned as Executive Director and the charity's entire board must step down within a year.

On CAI's website, the interim director released a statement saying:

"While we respectfully disagree with some of the analysis and conclusions in the OAG's report, we look forward to moving ahead as an even stronger organization, focusing on CAI's vital mission."

Mortenson will still work for the charity, but he won't be allowed to oversee any financial matters.

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