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Three Colo. teens arrested in deadly marijuana robbery

AURORA, Colo. - Three teens have been arrested in connection with a murder at a Taco Bell in Colorado, reports CBS Denver.

Eighteen-year-old Calvin Banks, 17-year-old Sterling Hook and 16-year-old Vincent Rucker face first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of Mark Chalfant, 19, according to the station. The Denver Post reports the two juvenile suspects are being charged as adults.

Police said Chalfant died from gunshot wounds after a marijuana sale went awry on June 4 at the fast food restaurant in Aurora.

Court records state Chalfant attempted to sell marijuana to the three teens. The arrest affidavit said the suspects had a "plan of 'doing a lick' [street term for robbery] of the person's weed and running away with it," the station reports. The victim negotiated to sell the weed to the trio for $180, according to the affidavit.

Witnesses said a fight broke out in the parking lot and a gun was fired by Hook. CBS Denver reports police found a gun and a bag of marijuana in Chalfant's car. A witness told police he saw Hook pick up a revolver and throw it through the car's windows.

Hooks faces six felony counts in all. Both Banks and Rucker face seven. The defendants' next court hearing is scheduled for Sept. 16 in Arapahoe County, according to the Post.