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Three CEOs Miss Face Time with Obama

(AP Photo/David Karp)
President Obama's meeting with prominent members of the financial services industry will be missing three key members: Goldman Sachs Chairman Lloyd Blankfein (left), Morgan Stanley Chairman John Mack and Citigroup Chairman Dick Parsons.

All three had been expected to attend the meeting but will miss it "due to inclement weather," according to the White House.

The three planned to participate instead via conference call.

A White House spokesperson told CBS News the cancellations were due to bad weather in New York City – saying the business leaders were stuck on the runway as a result of fog.

The CEOs, interestingly, didn't book private jet flights to meet with the president. But had they flown to D.C. the night before rather than the morning of (flight delays are common this time of year), they likely would have been able to attend in person.

The meeting between the White House and Wall Street leaders comes just one day after an interview aired on "60 Minutes" in which the president railed against Wall Street "fat cats."

The comments marked a rhetorical volley by a White House that has seemed to grow increasingly frustrated with Wall Street leaders who the president says have not shown "a lot of shame" about their behavior and outsized compensation despite the bank bailouts and economic downturn.

Among the issues expected to be discussed at the meeting are regulatory reform efforts, bank lending practices and executive compensation. Here's a list of those who are attending:

Ken Chenault, President and CEO, American Express
Richard Davis, Chairman, President, and CEO, US Bancorp
Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, JP Morgan Chase
Richard Fairbank, Chairman and CEO, Capital One
Bob Kelly, Chairman and CEO, Bank of New York Mellon
Ken Lewis, President and CEO, Bank of America
Ron Logue, Chairman and CEO, State Street Bank
Gregory Palm, Executive Vice President and Chief Counsel, Goldman Sachs
Jim Rohr, Chairman and CEO, PNC
John Stumpf, President and CEO, Wells Fargo

Also in attendance will be Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, Senior Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett, White House economic adviser Christina Romer, National Economic Council director Larry Summers and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, according to the White House.

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