Those Wacky Animals

Waterskiing Squirrels

Intelligent animals? Pets with personality? Anyone who owns a dog or a cat can tell you this is true. But if you want some proof, watch the antics of the animals featured in these video clips.

Monkey Business: When Whiplash, dressed in chaps, blue satin shirt and cowboy hat, rides his mount, all eyes are on him. That's because Whiplash is a monkey, strapped to a saddle on the back of a sheep-herding dog. Reporter Steve Dawson of KCTV, the CBS affiliate in Kansas City has the report.

Safe, By A Whisker When a California mudslide swept away the Blue Bell Foundation for Cats, 78 of the 80 cats at the shelter survived. Engulfed in knee-deep muck, one of the felines survived for 38 hours without food or water, and another, a blind cat named Petry, was found floating around with a big piece of broken glass. KCBS reporter Steve Hartman has the story from Laguna Beach.

Nuts About The Water: If you're in the habit of attending boat shows, you may be familiar with Twiggy the Amazing Water Skiing Squirrel. An American favorite and something you have to see to believe, the little gray squirrel performs atop tiny custom-made water skis, pulled behind a toy boat around a small pool.

Dog's Best Friend?: Everyone knows that a dog is man's best friend. But who is a dog's best friend? One Palm Beach dog thinks it's the raccoon. The two eat together, sleep together, wrestle together and even go for walks together as Chuck Weber of CBS Affiliate WPEC reports.

Where was Goldilocks?: If you come home to a broken window screen, a raided refrigerator, food strewn all over the floor and a trashed bathroom, you might have had a visit from a bear. One brown bear enjoyed his visit to a New Jersey lakeside cabin so much, he returned twice more in 12 hours, helping himself to two dozen eggs, bacon and artificial fruit. WCBS-TV Correspondent Paul Moniz reports.

See Ya Later, Alligator: It thrashed and it twisted, but the 4-foot alligator living in a creek near Buffalo, N.Y., couldn't beat the animal control officer who nabbed it with a little help from his father. People watching the capture cheered and applauded. Authorities believe the alligator was someone's pet and was dumped in the creek when it grew too big.

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