Thompson: "I'm Not Particularly Interested in Running for President"

From CBS News' John Bently:

BURLINGTON, IOWA -- It's a question that's been asked of Fred Thompson by the press and pundits for months now, and it was finally asked by an Iowa voter today: "I don't know if you have the desire to the president," said Todd Chelf, a resident of Burlington, Iowa. "If I caucus for you next week, are you still going to be there two months from now?"

"I'm not particularly interested in running for president," admitted Thompson. "But I think I'd make a good president...I have the background, capability, and concern to do this and I'm doing it for the right reasons."

Thompson also railed against those candidates who announced their plans to run for president earlier than he did.

"For some of them, it was when they were juniors in high school," he said. When asked if he was referring to any specific candidates, Thompson declined to name names, but "if those shoes fit, people can wear them."

After he finished his answer, Thompson addressed Chelf directly. "I hope I haven't talked you out of anything," he said.

He hadn't, but he also hadn't totally convinced him of anything, either. "His laid back style sometimes seems to me a lack of desire," said Chelf, who said he would also be attending Romney and Huckabee events this weekend. "I'm one of those Iowa Republicans who hasn't made up his mind yet, but definitely leaning this direction."