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This Year's Sexiest Guy

It's that time of year, when People magazine reveals the "sexiest man alive." Past winners have included Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, and J.F.K., Jr. This year's sexiest is Harrison Ford, who has a huge following among young women, despite his age. Ford is now 56.

Susan Toepfer, People's executive editor for special issues, says: "We thought this year it would be fun to go with the timeless, the classic, a guy who teens love because of Star Wars and women are crazy about. He's holding up well."

Why is he so popular, despite being an "older" guy? Toepfer says "It's because he's such a good guy. He's a hero on screen and a stable, good guy in person." Ford's reaction to his status, says Toepfer, was "What's all this sudden interest in geezers?"

The magazine takes a look at other sexy men. Not all of them are actors, models, soap stars, and rock 'n' rollers. Ordinary "sexy" men at work are also in the issue. Toepfer explains that they looked at "terrific looking construction workers and firefighters."

And, Toepfer adds, bald men also get some attention. "We decided, let's give credit where credit is due. A lot of men are losing their hair but they're sexy, nonetheless. We cover everybody from Mr. Clean to the wrestler Goldberg."

Other picks include designer Kenneth Cole, explorer David Breashears, and veterinarian Dr. Steven Peterson.

How does People define "sexy"? Toepfer says "He must appeal to a lot of women. He must have character. He must have a sense of humor and be an all-around good guy."

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