This Week: Summertime Blues

Mary-Kate Olsen, Victoria Beckham and Elvis showbuzz weekly wrap
Even in the dog days of August, celebrities find ways to stay busy on screen and off.

The custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline is turning into a bonfire with his lawyer serving her ex-assistant with a subpoena and former employees began blabbing to the tabloids. Meanwhile, stories about Spears' supposed summer flings continue to inspire tabloid covers.

No news on whether or not Jenna Bush will be a June bride, but her mom and dad announced that she is engaged.

This weekend, "back to school" takes on a whole new meaning as fans return to East Side High for the Disney Channel's "High School Musical 2" scheduled to premiere Friday.

One of the most popular summer reality shows, "So You Think You Can Dance?," came to a close Thursday when Sabra Johnson was crowned "America's Favorite Dancer." The 19-year-old from Utah, who amazingly has only studied dance for four years.

Mary-Kate Olsen heats up the screen with decades-older Ben Kingsley during a passionate kissing scene in their upcoming film, "The Wackness." But Kingsley doesn't think it's that big of a deal. "(It's) for a few seconds and then we disappear and we never see each other in the movie. But she is a trigger into my quest for happiness," the Oscar-winner told "Access Hollywood."

Elvis Presley fans stood out in the sweltering heat to show their burning love for The King as they gathered in Memphis this week to honor the 30th anniversary of his death.

Victoria Beckham isn't just hanging around the pool at her new L.A. digs, she's busy penning a book for women who want to look as glamorous as the Spice Girl.

Also this week, three legends left the world.

Merv Griffin, whose warm personality and hearty laugh charmed guests on his hit talk show passed away over the weekend. Innovative percussionist Max Roach, who recorded with the hottest names in jazz, passed away after a long illness on Wednesday. Philanthropist and socialite Brooke Astor, whose devotion to her beloved New York City never cooled, died at age 105. She was said to have given over $200 million away through the Vincent Astor Foundation, named for her late husband.