This Week: Great Expectations

ShowBuzz weekly wrap, Katie Holmes ,Tom Cruise, carrying their daughter Suri
The wedding of the year happens this weekend, and what a fantabulous build-up it's been.

The anticipation was palpable all week. With each passing day, more snippets of news came out of Italy; that it would take place at a castle overlooking Lake Bracciano, that Tom Cruise had arrived, and that Oprah wouldn't be there to see Katie Holmes walk down the aisle in her Giorgio Armani dress.

But Brooke Shields would? The eclectic guest list piqued our interested even more. With each passing hour, more celebs trickled in ... Jim Carrey, J.Lo, Marc Anthony, most of whom attended a Thursday dinner at the Roman restaurant Nino's.

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Shields was there with her husband, TV writer Chris Henchy. Fellow Scientologist, Jenna Elfman, and her husband Bodhi were also in tow. So was "Top Gun" producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

The celebrity count is climbing with Will Smith and wife Jada, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her footballer husband, David. CBS Newspath correspondent Charlie D'Agata reports that still to come are some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including John Travolta, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Ceremonial secrets are already leaking out. We can expect to see Tom in a grey suit, Katie in a cream-colored Armani gown with low heels, D'Agata reports. The heels are a gift for the groom, as she's 5-foot-9.

What about Baby Suri? She may be the ring-bearer at the Church of Scientology ceremony.

What can we expect in the wedding banquet? Typical Italian fare: Parma ham, fresh fish and meat, and homemade pasta. The cake is apparently a lemon-coconut creation, a little something sweet to top off a very rich affair.

Meanwhile this week, "Dancing With The Stars" fans have been waiting since September to see who would take home that cheesy trophy. It wasn't an easy race to predict and so 27.2 million viewers tuned in — first for endless recaps, then to watch the crowning of the winner.

2Three-time Super Bowl champ Emmitt Smith walked away with the glory. And, for the first time on record, Mario Lopez's dimples were nowhere in sight.

A much smaller group of fans got what they were waiting for when Michael Jackson came out of seclusion for his first performance since being acquitted of child molestation charges in June 2005. His stage presence was certainly no thriller.

The purported "king of pop" whisper-sang as a youth choir belted out his hit "We Are The World" at the World Music Awards in London. He wore all black and swayed from side to side, clapping.
It appeared as though his microphone was not working or that he was just singing too softly and was letting the choir carry him along.

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After much hoopla beforehand, the performance was lame at best. It was reported that Jackson would sing "Thriller" for the crowd, but instead Chris Brown took the stage with a slew of zombies.