This Mother's Day, meet the real mama's boys

If anyone deserves a Mother's Day gift, it's the mothers of Mammoni - "mama's boys" in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who just won't leave the nest

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Last Updated May 11, 2018 7:12 PM EDT

A special Mother's Day post from "60 Minutes" producer Shari Finkelstein:

This story was born out of a vacation I spent in Italy years ago, where Italian friends of mine were teasing their older brother for living at home with his parents in his early 40's. I thought it was a little strange that this charming, smart, successful man was living at home, and I loved the word Italians had coined for men like him: "Mammoni." What I was shocked to learn, was that this older brother was no isolated case -- it was the norm in Italy.

Trying to decide who to include in our story we faced an unusual problem: almost every unmarried man we came across fit the bill. My colleague Sabina Castelfranco and I would be discussing the subject in a cab, and the driver would chime in that he too lived at home with his parents; the waiter; the man at the hotel; mammoni were everywhere!

What fascinated me in reporting the story was that the more time we spent with these Italian families, the stranger American assumptions seemed to me. Why do we feel it's so unnatural for a young man or woman to want to live with his or her parents? Would it be so terrible to actually want to spend time hanging out with your family? When I produced this story, I did not yet have children. Now I do. And while I'm not going to be ironing anyone's underwear anytime soon, I sure wouldn't mind having my kids stay at home a little longer...

Editor's Note: Since we posted this story, we received an update on the mammoni that Lesley Stahl reported on in 2001. 

Giorgio Boemo is no longer single! He married his wife, Federica, on Valentine's Day last year. He's now 56, and although his parents have passed away, he often sees his siblings.

Massimo Malerba passed away from cancer in August 2005.

Andrea Leofreddi, who had a British girlfriend in our story, died suddenly in 2011 after undergoing minor heart surgery. As we reported in a prior update, he and his British girlfriend Jude had broken up many years ago, and she had returned to England, married, and had a child.

Davide Lucchini is 48. When we last reached him a few years ago, he was still unmarried but lived in his own apartment and visited his parents often.  We'll keep you posted…