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"This Just In …"

A picture may be worth a thousand words but an over-used cliché gets old pretty quickly. Jane M. Von Bergen, columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, did a little research and discovered that the phrase, "at the end of the day," is currently the most "overused cliché" in the business world today. It even surpassed "the bottom line" if you can believe it. "Out of the box" is out of favor and apparently flagpoles are no longer the right device to run things up. Von Bergen observes (courtesy Obscure Store):
In the 10 years I've been covering business, there is no phrase I hate more than at the end of the day, the New Agey replacement for the Old Biz stalwart bottom line.

Bottom line at least sounded like business, not like some guru pontificating.

This column made me wonder, what is the most over-used phrase in television news? "This just in?" ... "For more on that story?" ... "Full team coverage?" ... "In other news?" ... "Time will tell?" ... "In a stunning development?" ... "Here at home?" You can find a list of media "groaners" here and there are surely dozens more we're missing. So let's hear which worn-out phrases make you cringe. (And stay classy, San Diego.)
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