Thinking Out Of The Chocolate Box

valentine's day heart
To get out of the habit of flowers and candy in celebration of Valentine's Day, think of other gifts that express romance in more quirky, personal ways. The Early Show's Laurie Hibberd has some ideas for Valentine gifts that are off the beaten track.

  • The Sony Style store is suggesting you say it with music and movies. A selection of love songs and romantic movies is the perfect way to set the mood. Check out and
  • For something a little less expensive, you can decorate your fridge with a lot of little romantic magnets from It's a great way to start Valentine's Day off on the right foot.
  • If you don't have a Valentine, but would like to let someone know that you want them to be the one, you can send an anonymous crush card. Samantha's Table is the matchmaking service that offers crush cards to be sent on Valentines Day wrapped in a basket of chocolate. If you want to know who has a crush on you, just log on to and they'll hook you up.
  • For convenient one-stop shopping, check out your local Banana Republic store (or shop online) and pick up all the fixings for a romantic night at home. Everything from bubble bath to sexy PJ's are on sale, and you'll look like you put a lot of thought into the night. Go to
  • For something a little more personalized, you can order a romance novel from Books By You. They will incorporate your names, physical traits and other personal information into a steamy love novel called Medieval Passion. To personalize your own paperback romance, go to
  • Not everyone loves Valentine's Day. Society can make people feel like castaways if they aren't with someone. For those people, specifically women, check out cards from Simply She. They're smart, sexy and not romantic. Just the boost a woman needs on what is allegedly the most romantic day of the year. Call them up at 1-888-SHE-4140.

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