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Thieves steal 50-foot bridge in Western Pa.

Thieves steal 50-foot bridge in W. Pa.
There used to be a bridge across this small creek in North Beaver Township, Pa., but police say it was stolen CBS/KDKA

(CBS/KDKA/AP) NEW CASTLE, Pa. - State police say thieves have snuck away with a 50-foot steel bridge.

Trooper Darren Vizyak says in a report filed Wednesday that the bridge in North Beaver Township was stolen sometime between Sept. 27th and Oct. 5th.

According to CBS affiliate KDKA, the 20-foot wide bridge was in a wooded area along a railroad line, about 60 miles north of Pittsburgh.

Police say it was made out of corrugated steel and valued at approximately $100,000. The thieves used a blowtorch to cut the bridge apart. They presumably aim to sell it for scrap metal.

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