Thieves Frequently Nab "Mullet Place" Sign

Billy Ray Cyrus and Vince Lomabardi over street sign in Green Bay
The most frequently stolen street sign in Green Bay isn't Lombardi Avenue, Reggie White Way or Brett Favre Pass.

The distinction goes to a short street on the city's southwest side. Its name brings to mind the helmet-style haircut of the 1980s. The cut perhaps best personified by country music singer Bill Ray Cyrus.

Mullet Place has disappeared so many times city crews have moved it higher on the street pole and out of reach.

Public Works manager Chris Pirlot jokes that the sign thief is probably in the witness protection program and doesn't want anyone to know where he lives - that or it's someone still stuck in the '80s.

It costs about $50 to $60, including labor, for the city to replace signs,.

The street was named in the 1820s after John Mullett, a surveyor working on land claims, reports the Green Bay Press Gazette.

According to the Press Gazette: "Street signs named after the Packers, however, rarely are stolen, Pirlot said. The city occasionally loses signs for streets with 'people' names, like Smith Street, Heather Road and Mary Jo Drive."