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Thief steals Kansas woman's truck -- with blind pet dog inside

A Kansas woman visiting Oklahoma experienced a gut-wrenching situation when her truck was stolen with the family dog still inside
Kansas family finds stolen dog in Okla. via Facebook 01:25

NORMAN, Okla. - A Kansas woman visiting Oklahoma experienced a gut-wrenching situation when her truck was stolen. However, it wasn't the truck she cared so much about, but instead, what was inside.

"The first thing I thought of was, 'My dog is in there,'" Cindy Sundgren, of El Dorado, Kan., told CBS affiliate KWTV of Oklahoma City.

Sundgren travels to horse shows all the time with her dog, Scout, in tow. But this time, she was afraid Scout wouldn't be making the trip home to Kansas with her.

Scout, an 11-year-old Jack Russell terrier who is blind, was in her owner's truck when it was stolen. KWTV

"She goes everywhere with me, and we just really want her back," she said.

Sundgren had just participated in a horse show in Purcell over the weekend and stayed at the La Quinta Inn in Norman. On Sunday morning, she pulled her Ford F-350 diesel truck up to the door, ran in to check out, and before she knew it, someone jumped in her truck and took off.

"He had to be watching and waiting out there, it happened very fast," Sundgren said. "We ran out the door, that thing was going 60 miles an hour outta here."

And her beloved Scout was still on board. What makes it worse, she said, is the fact that the 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier is blind. So the family immediately posted her picture on Facebook.

Not long after, the unthinkable happened. They tracked her down to the Timbers Apartment Complex in Norman, not even 2 miles away from the hotel.

"I can't believe it, I'm so happy," Sundgren said.

Cindy Sundgren hugs her dog, Scout, afer being reunited with the Jack Russell terrier. KWTV
Crystal Torres, who lives in one of the apartments at the Timbers, said she and her neighbor saw Scout sitting in the courtyard of the complex. Torres said she decided to bring her in.

"I took her in, put her picture on Facebook, 25 minutes later, I'm getting messages," Torres told KWTV.

Those messages quickly got back to Sundgren.

"I'm thrilled, I mean, I can't tell you how happy [I am]," Sundgren said. "I really was afraid I would never see her again. It's a miracle."

The truck has not been found yet, but Sundgren said that's OK, she's just happy to have her dog home safe and sound.

And the Sundgren family told KWTV they would be sending Torres a reward for finding and caring for Scout.

Cindy Sundgren, left, doesn't have her truck back, but she doesn't care. She's just happy that Scout is back with the family. KWTV

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