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Thief scaling balconies to steal from K.C. homes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A thief has been climbing balconies to break into homes in the West Plaza neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri, reports CBS affiliate KCTV.

The latest occurrence reportedly happened last weekend at a condominium where people were home when the burglar came in. The intruder climbed up to a second story balcony and entered through a sliding glass door while a man and woman were asleep. They were awoken when they heard their dog barking between 3 and 4 a.m.

"If someone closes their door above us, sometimes he'll bark, so we didn't really think anything of it," said the man, who didn't want his identity revealed because the thief hasn't been caught, according to the station. "It's eerie. It's a huge invasion of our privacy."

"We were about to go somewhere and I was looking for my wallet, couldn't find it anywhere, knew I'd left it on the kitchen table, and then my girlfriend looked in her makeup bag and realized she had some money that was stolen," the man said according to KCTV.

Police say they've had several burglaries this month in which the intruder climbed to an upper level door or window to get in.

Down the street from the latest break-in, a neighbor said a man fell from a balcony several months ago, then ran off with cushions from the patio furniture.

Police haven't said if it's connected to the other burglaries.

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