They're Perfect 20s!

Two contestants won perfect scores Thursday night in the first of the "Star Search" semifinals.

"I was real excited, real excited," 10-year-old Tiffany Evans told The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen Friday morning. "Right now, I'm kind of tired. But, you know, I can bear it," Tiffany was interviewed from Los Angeles.

In New York, comedian Loni Love, who also received a perfect score from the judges, jokingly accused CBS of trying to kill her. "The competition was tough. I was tired," she said, noting that she had flown cross-country overnight to appear live on the morning show. She received a 17 from the viewing audience giving her a total 37 points. She was the only woman to compete in the comedian competition and she was the only one to receive a perfect score from the judges.

Tiffany said she was ready for a career in singing. "I want to be a superstar, a singer, and an actress, hopefully an obstetrician," she said.

Naomi Judd called her performance "galvanizing, stupendous, astounding." Carol Leifer called Tiffany "a Whitney Houston in the making." Tiffany received an additional 15 points from the national audience via the Internet.

"I just went out there and I was like, don't really know if you're going to win or not. So when I went out there. I just wanted to do my work, you know, and sing and get it over with. Get my score. And then I'm just going to leave the stage. And I was shaking when I went back on the stage because I was like, 'Oh, my gosh,'" Tiffany said.

Love joked about office work and Michael Jackson in her comedy sketch, which was much different from her terrorist-focused sketch of the previous night.

Love told Chen she gets her material from life.

"It's silly. It's just silly and just sometimes I'm reading the paper and I think of certain things, and just jot it down and just write it. Just having fun with it," she said.

She won praise from all the judges , including Ben Stein, who said, "She could read the phone book and it would be 5 stars!"

Love, electrical engineer by day, has performed on stage at comedy clubs. "All of this is just a whirlwind. I'm just happy to be here. I'm just having fun and I enjoy making people laugh," she said.

As for her material for the finals, she said she has some surprises.
Tiffany and Love will compete Thursday, Feb. 6.