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They're Not Laughing With You…

(AP Photo/Stephen Chernin)
When Congressman Bob Wexler became the latest politician to willingly lambaste himself on the "Colbert Report," we wondered when the fine collection of politicians who have appeared on the program's "Better Know A District" segment would discover that there is a difference between showing viewers that you have a sense of humor and, um, being the object of ridicule (although the outcome is some great television.) Indeed, following Wexler's statement on the show that he "enjoys cocaine because it's a fun thing to do," (it was a joke, people) it was a matter of time before actual news programs picked up on the quote. So, when "Good Morning America" and "Today" did -- and wondered themselves what congressmen were thinking -- Colbert took note, and had some fun with a few of the morning shows' own video clips. TVNewser has the video.