"They were so high they called 911 on themselves"

Methamphetamine (CBS)

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(CBS/AP) SPRINGFIELD, Ga. - 911, what is your emergency?

Well, we are so high on meth right now that we are hallucinating and think people are breaking into our house.

That is not how the 911 call really went, but it is what police in Effingham County, Ga. say actually happened.

South Georgia authorities say two men became so high on drugs they began hallucinating and called 911 when they thought intruders had broken into a home. Effingham County sheriff's spokesman David Ehsanipoor said the pair is suspected of using methamphetamine around the time they called for help early Tuesday.

Deputies responding around 4 a.m. to the home outside Savannah were told by the pair that people in a back bedroom had broken into the home, but no intruders were found.

Ehsanipoor said deputies realized they were hallucinating. He said "they were so high they called 911 on themselves."

The Savannah Morning News reports the suspects face several charges including manufacturing and possessing methamphetamine.

Not to mention manufacturing a story.