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They Make A 'Joyful Noise'

It's a double bill at The Saturday Early Show's Second Cup Café this weekend, as bluesy singer-songwriter Susan Tedeschi drops in with husband Derek Trucks, leader of The Derek Trucks Band.

It's the first time the two have appeared together on national television. Susan was a Grammy nominee for best new artist, and has a new album coming out next week called "Wait For Me." Derek Trucks, regarded as one of the best slide guitarists in the world, also has a new album - it's called "Joyful Noise."

On "Joyful Noise," Susan lends sultry soul to the Joe Tex tune "Baby, You're Right," first popularized by James Brown in 1962. While the band has recorded with Susan a few times in the past, this is the first time they've released a track with her.

It was also Susan's first time singing since giving birth in March 2002 to Charlie, the couple's first child.

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Derek's musical career began when he was 9, when he picked up a $5 acoustic guitar at a yard sale. He got his first paying gig at age 11 and formed his first band at age 12.

In 1999, Derek was asked to join the Allman Brothers Band, taking over slide guitar duty. When your childhood heroes ask you to play, "no" is hardly an option. But with so much invested in the Derek Trucks Band, breaking up the group was also out of the question. Derek decided to balance the two, and between them he keeps up an extensive touring schedule that leaves little time at home in Jacksonville, Florida.

Tedeschi has played guitar and sung since childhood, including several years in church choir. She formed her first band at 13, and was on the Boston club scene before she finished high school. By the mid-1990s, her eponymous blues combo was one of New England's biggest draws.

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