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These Appliances Aren't Space Hogs

Whether the plan is to build or remodel, the challenge is the same: the major appliances needed to do our hard work take up a lot of precious space.

For those who want to save some square footage, Best magazine's senior editor, David Gregg, has some new space-spacing appliance solutions. He shares them on The Early Show.

When it comes to space, Gregg says the biggest "hog" is the washer and dryer. For those with a tight laundry room set-up, he suggests the following:

Combination Lg WM3632HW Washer/Dryer
Price: $1,900

Washer/Dryer is one appliance that both washes and dries clothes. The LG is the first full size (22-lb. capability) washer dryer combination in the United States. It is great for city dwellers, apartments, condos, and folks with no room to spare, because it uses a ventless drying system. (Note: Combo units take a bit longer to wash and dry and can only dry 12 pounds at a time, but if you're strapped for space, it is worth it.)

City dwellers know all too well the challenges of a tiny kitchen. Especially in those that have not been remodeled, the desire to add a dishwasher might be more of a nightmare than it's worth. But this one might prove an option for many:

Briva In-Sink Dishwasher By Kitchenaid
Price: $1,799

The Kitchenaid Briva In-Sink Dishwasher is located right at counter level (no more bending over to stack and unload). The Briva holds five place settings and, with racks removed, can be used as a double sink, yet it fits into a cabinet as small as 42 inches wide. It has four cleaning cycles and includes a cutting board to save even more counter space. The shortest wash cycle will completely clean your finest china in as little as 18 minutes. It starts with the single touch of a button (located on the integrated control panel) and operates very quietly due to its "Whisper Quiet Sound Insulation System"

Working parents often rely on crockpot cooking to get dinner started while at work. Here is an appliance by Whirlpool:

Whirlpool Polara Refrigerated Range
Price: $1,449.99

Billed as the only oven of its kind, the new Polara Refrigerated Range combines state-of-the-art cooking performance with the convenience of refrigeration. It's a range that keeps nutritious homemade meals cool all day while you're away. Then, at precisely the time you programmed, it begins cooking. When done, your food is kept warm so dinner's ready for your family when you get home. And if you unexpectedly come home late, the Polara Refrigerated Range will automatically turn itself into a refrigerator to keep your meal cool. Available at Sears.

We all know how sexy a fully "kitted" refrigerator can be.

Samsung Homepad Refrigerator (Model #: Rh2777at)
Price: $4,999

This refrigerator not only keeps your food cold and frozen. This space-saving wizard also has in-door water/ice and delivers all the functions of the Internet without a PC. Get finance, shopping, and all kinds of information. Send and receive emails (text, voice and video messages) with its pop-up keyboard window. It also acts as a communication organizer between family members by allowing you to create and send text, voice and video memos.

Enjoy watching TV with a 10.4 inch TFT-LCD, even while working in the kitchen. You can even install a VCR, DVD with the video inputs. Cherish your family's vivid and amusing moments with an internal digital camera, digital photo album and screen saver option. Check and maintain your refrigerator easily with a water filter indicator, temperature control system, and grocery inventory indicator. And get your life organized with a scheduler and alarm for important date reminders.

For the college student wishing for a more desirable dining experience:

Microfridge 3-In-1 Appliance
Price: $399

The MicroFridge is a refrigerator, a freezer, and a microwave combined into one unit. The compact MicroFridge holds a surprisingly large amount of food. It features over 2 cubic feet of refrigerator space, 0.75 cubic feet of freezer space, and a fully programmable 600 watt microwave. It's Energy Star rated. The SafePlug technology allows the three combined appliances to share a single wall outlet through one electrical cord. This reduces the chance of fire from overloading circuits, and reduces the amount of electricity used. It is available in black, white, or black side panels with brushed stainless steel doors. -->

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