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There's a partisan split on tariffs, new Pew poll finds

President Trump at NATO Summit
Trump criticizes U.S. allies; says he's "fighting for farmers" at NATO summit 06:36

More Americans disapprove of the new tariffs between the U.S. and some of her trading partners than approve, according to a new Pew Research Survey. But Republicans overwhelmingly approve of the increased tariffs, and more so today than they did two months ago.

President Trump has declared an end to what he describes as other nations unfairly taking advantage of the U.S. -- imposing steel and aluminum and other tariffs not just on countries the U.S. has contentious relationships with, such as China, but with U.S. allies like Canada as well. 

Nearly half of American adults Pew polled say they view the increased tariffs as a bad thing for the country (49 percent), while 40 percent say the tariffs are a good thing for the nation. An additional 11 percent say they aren't sure if the tariffs will affect the U.S. positively or negatively. While 73 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say the increased tariffs are a good thing for the country, 77 percent of Democrats say the tariffs are a bad thing for the nation. 

In May, just two months ago, when Pew asked about a proposal to increase tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, 58 percent of Republicans thought the tariffs would be good, while just 63 percent of Democrats said that would be harmful. 

College-educated Americans are also far more likely to think tariffs are bad for the country, although both groups are more likely to view tariffs negatively. Those with college degrees say increased tariffs will be bad for the country, by a margin of 56 percent to 38 percent. Of those without a college degree, respondents were slightly more likely to say tariffs will be bad (45 percent) than good (42 percent).

A CBS News poll last month found most Americans believe that if the tariffs start a trade war, the U.S. economy will be worse off than it was before. Of those polled, 51 percent said the U.S. economy would be worse, 25 percent said it would be better, and 17 percent said it would be no different. Republicans, however, were far more likely to think a trade war would be a good thing, with 50 percent saying the nation's economy would come out better and 16 percent saying it would be worse. 

Mr. Trump has declared trade wars "good, and easy to win." But some in his own party are urging him to ease the tariffs.

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