There goes the diet...

It's sorta quiet here at "C&C." Earl has gone fishing. Doris has decided to go to the mall to get a head start on the Labor Day sales (we haven't had the heart to tell her Labor Day was last weekend...) so we're just throwing a few links on the skillet.

Steve Hartman's Tuesday report on "The Memory Project" has gotten a huge amount of attention. Scroll down to the post just below and you'll see all the juicy details from his producer. These days, we need all the good news we can find, and "The Memory Project," and the warm reaction to it, is the best news.

Katie's about to make her debut on "60 Minutes" -- set your TiVo! -- and instead of finding a whistleblower, she talks with a finger-pointer.

Susan Zirinsky and her gang from "48 Hours Mystery" sent over cupcakes to celebrate the end of our first week. Susan is our new best friend. (Kindly forgive the infrequent posting, but it's hard to type with chocolate icing on your fingers.)

This just in: our crack research team is compiling some of the more memorable sign-off suggestions we've gotten for Katie. Watch this space. We'll try and post some of them later.

After the cupcakes.