TheBlaze host Tomi Lahren, Trevor Noah discuss racism on "Daily Show"

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Trevor Noah opened his discussion with controversial TV personality Tomi Lahren, who hosts “Tomi” on TheBlaze, by asking a simple question: “Why are you so angry?” 

Lahren, who caught heat when she compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK in July, claimed, “I’m actually not that angry. It’s just that there are things that need to be said and a lot of people are afraid to say ’em.”

Lahren was visibly nervous at the beginning of her segment as she entered what she called “the lion’s den,” but Noah and Lahren ended up having a civil conversation about racism, Donald Trump, immigration and more. 

Noah pressed her when talking about race. Lahren said, “To me, true diversity is diversity of thought, not diversity of color. I don’t see color.”  

“I don’t believe in that at all when people say that,” responded Noah, who is biracial and grew up under apartheid in South Africa. “There’s nothing wrong with seeing color. It’s how you treat color that’s more important.”

Lahren defended her Black Lives Matters remarks -- she wrote a since-deleted tweet in July “Meet the new KKK, they call themselves ‘Black Lives Matter’ -- by saying she had issues with “rioting” and “looting,” and she added, “When that now becomes the narrative and you’re starting to loot, burn and riot -- what did the KKK do?”

“Did you say, ‘What did the KKK do?’” Noah said. “Wow.”

The two seemed to enjoy their lively discussion and tweeted friendly posts afterward. Lahren wrote that she had a great time on the show.

Noah responded, “Thank you for being my guest Tomi. Our goal should be to destroy these “bubbles” not each other. You’re always welcome on my show.” 

Watch the full interview below. 

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