The Wreck Of Flight 111

Investigators in the Swissair plane crash are confident they will figure out what really happened during the fateful minutes before the plane broke up. But it won't be easy. There's no record of the flight's last six minutes.

CBS News Correspondent Liz Gonzalez reports that divers are working under very tough conditions. Authorities released the first video of underwater wreckage from Swissair Flight 111.
Divers are working at more than 100 feet below the surface of the water off Peggy's Cove, where visibility is difficult and the water is extremely cold. And these conditions can be expected to deteriorate as the fall season progresses.

Officials also say small pieces of the plane's wreckage cover a wide area. There are sharp edges that make recovery slow, difficult and potentially hazardous if not done right. Recovering more bodies from the wreckage is a top priority, as is the recovery of bits of the cockpit and engine parts that could give more clues as to why the plane went down.

Authorities say that, given the quantity of the flight data and additional clues, they are optimistic about determining where the problem first arose. But the recorder may not hold all of the answers.

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