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The Wireless Web

Sprint PCS isnÂ't the first company to bring web content onto a wireless phone, but new partnerships with Yahoo and a company called, make its new Wireless Web service better than anything else out there. Sprint PCS President Andrew SukawatyÂ…

Â"From the phone now, you can actually access Internet data on YahooÂ's site and if you go onto your desktop and you set up a My Yahoo page, you can actually have stuff pushed to your phone. So I could have the weather, three stock quotes a day. Whatever I choose, I could have actually appear on the display of my mobile telephone. I can be updated.Â"
The service will work with a variety of digital phones, but a new four hundred dollar Smartphone from a company called NeoPoint will link to your desktop computer to synchronize contact information. Or you can link it to your notebook computer and voila!Â….you have a wireless modemÂ…

Â"You plug it into your laptop PC or your portable PC and now you can transmit data, like you could from any other phone line, when youÂ're on the move.Â"
Pricing on top of existing voice service starts at ten dollars a month. Sixty dollars buys you 300 combined voice and data minutes a month. There are pricier plans for heavy users. You can find more information on the web at

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