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The Winners Circle

Vecepia Towery has now joined a very exclusive society - the Survivor Millionaires Club.

Along with previous winners Richard Hatch, Tina Wesson and Ethan Zohn, she spoke with Jane Clayson on The Early Show.

"Gosh, what an elite group," Towery told Clayson. And she added, "This is my man right here. You know why," she said referring to Richard Hatch. "He stayed with me the whole time."

Hatch said he started thinking in April that Towery could win it all. "I started thinking, you know, she looks like she could," he said. "She's a little in the background. What does Mark Burnett see? She's aligned with somebody, maybe she shouldn't be. Maybe not. She could, and could and could and could I got confident."

Tina Wesson and Ethan Zohn both said they thought the judge, Paschal English, would be the ultimate winner.

Clayson wanted to know what they thought Neleh Dennis had done wrong.

"She had Sean kind of just going at her about being fake, and I -- you know, I assume she's just a really sweet person, but she was being portrayed as someone who wasn't, who was playing sweet," said Hatch. "If you're really sweet and being portrayed as playing sweet, there is a little negativity that grows around you."

All of the champs felt sorry for Paschal - he got booted out after a tie between Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien and Dennis resulted in a game of chance. Wesson thought something should have been done about it. "I thought what would have been great, after he got the purple rock -- if they had had another opportunity to go back and change their vote, seeing as he was taking the hit for something that wasn't his fault."

Zohn said he enjoyed watching the latest game, but that he didn't think he could have competed with the people there. There was a "lot of strategy. It was a good way to play the game," he said.

Towery spoke about her strategy. "The first thing I did, was make sure I watched every single one of the videos. I bought the DVD. I watched it thoroughly and I made a decision that I was going to do something that no else is doing. Number one, I wanted to get rid of the people that everyone thought were going to win. I truly wanted the underdogs to win it. And to see Paschal, Neleh… I even wanted Patricia to be in there, but that momma thing got on my nerves."

She continued: "When I thought Hunter had to go, at tribal council, I kind of like bolstered him up saying he is a wonderful leader. I did that to see if he was going to get big-headed and kind of cocky. When we went back to camp and everything changed. Then the other people started seeing the cockiness. Before we knew it, they were ready to get rid of him. That was the wonderful thing about the game - I kept it in context and remembered it was a game and you could do anything in the game you wanted to."

Wesson was asked if she saw any of her strategies in the way Towery played the game.

"No, not at all," she replied. "You know, it really made me appreciate Colby (Donaldson, her final competitor on "Survivor: The Australian Outback") much more. I don't think we'll ever have another Survivor like ours, because people are wise to the game and people are going for the game now."

Clayson wanted to know which of the four winners had the toughest time. All agreed Zohn's time in Africa was the hardest. "The heat, no food," they said.

Hatch, Wesson and Zohn had some advice for Towery about her new found fame and fortune.

"Keep it real," said Hatch. "Love life."

"It's very apparent you're a believer," said Wesson. "You can probably spread that throughout the world. But, also just have so much fun that you can't hardly stand yourself."

Ethan advised Towery to, "Have the best time of your life. Have so much fun. If there's something you want to do, now is the opportunity to do it. Just do it."

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