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The Web Really Delivers

It is a bit like The Truman Show. The new Jim Carrey movie about the live broadcasting of the life of Truman Burbank. Even his birth. On the sixteenth of this month, Universal Studio's America's Health Network will have a live webcast from a hospital in Orlando. A 40 year old woman named Elizabeth will give birth on the Internet. Dr. Steve Carlan will be the attending physician...

"The team will come when she is in early labor and broadcast live intermittently as the labor progresses, and then as she delivers, they'll have that on the Internet as well."

.It will all start early in the morning, eastern time, at Dr. Walt Latimore of the AHN cable channel will provide commentary. He came up with the idea and says the web is more ready for a live birth, than TV...

"The Internet site was the most appropriate place for this first dip if you would into this new venture."

Dr. Carlan says it will be Elizabeth's fourth child and she had no problem agreeing to the webcast...

"It's a time for celebration and it can be experienced by her family members and friends."

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