The war on candy with the Candy Cartels

(CBS News) Sometimes a drug bust can be a very sweet affair. Don't believe me? For some hard evidence, check out the deliciously funny treat above created by Zach King and posted on his YouTube channel the FinalCutKing, that takes the war on drugs to a whole-new sugary level.

Did you ever think a "drug deal" could be so cute and colorful? In the world of Candy Cartels, there are no real guns, just Nerf guns, and there are no real drugs, just lots and lots of colorful candy -- "the good stuff" made by Willy Wonka. "Straight from the Wonka Factory, this stuff is the finest, the richest, the sweetest," says the "candy dealer" to his buyer (King).

And the payment is steep, $100 Grand -- a 100 Grand candy bar to be exact. The Feed has covered clips by the FinalCutKing before, and you can see why. So if you like this exploding candy rendition, check out what happens when they tackle a tea party, here!