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The Wandering Wallaby

The first report to Brentwood, Tenn. police about the "kangaroo" came Sunday from a man who said he had waited 30 minutes before calling "just to be sure I was sober."

Actually, he had spotted a wallaby, a gray, 3-foot-tall animal that looks like a kangaroo. It escaped from an exotic-animal farm owned by Herbert Fritch and has had some residents in this Nashville suburb rubbing their eyes in disbelief as they watch it hop through their back yards.

It was spotted again Monday, and an officer was sent to look for it but had no luck.

Wallabies are native to Australia and like fruit, vegetables and bread. They can be litterbox-trained and kept indoors.

Owning a wallaby in Brentwood is legal, but if it gets loose the owner can get in trouble and have a lot of explaining to do. There's no word how the little critter from down under managed to get loose.

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