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"The Voice's" Alessandra Guercio: I thought I was going home

Seventeen-year-olds Alessandra Guercio and Kayla Nevarez battled on Tuesday night's episode of "The Voice" for a spot on Team Adam, but when Adam Levine called Nevarez's name, Guercio thought her journey on the show was over.

"Honestly, after Adam picked Kayla I thought I was really going to go home because it didn't really happen instantly that she [Christina Aguilera] pushed her button," said Guercio on a conference call with reporters. "As you could probably tell by the look on my face I thought I was going to go home."

But, Guercio was ultimately saved by Aguilera, even though it took Aguilera a little bit to hit her button for the steal.

"When she [Aguilera] said 'wait a minute, wait a minute' and she started speaking, I thought she was just trying to make me feel better, but when she said 'someone gave me that opportunity now I want to give it to you' and when she pressed the button, you can obviously tell, I started crying," said Guercio. "That was just such a sigh of relief for me because I really thought I was going to go home. It was really exciting to get that second chance."

After Guercio sang Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" with Nevarez, coach Levine said that he was disappointed in Guercio's lack of confidence, something Aguilera told her that she could help her work on. Guercio says she's excited to be on Team Christina.

"I think it's a great opportunity because I got to work with Adam and now I get Christina. I get the best of both worlds," said Guercio.

As for what she needs to work on she explained, "I just need to stop letting my mind get the best of me and just perform for me and just do the best I can and just feel the song more rather than trying to perfect it."