The Urge To Merge

Our colleague Daniel Sieberg has been keeping an eye on the proposed merger of two satellite radio giants. He offers his wise take on all things tech over at his blog Tech Talk. To wit:
The long-rumored merger between XM and Sirius satellite radio was announced yesterday, and it set off plenty of speculation over whether it'll get approved by regulatory bodies and the Justice Department. Analysts are split at this point, many giving it a 50-50 shot.

There are about 14 million satellite radio subscribers between the two of them (I'm not one, by the way), but neither company has managed to turn a profit and actually report billions in losses. So, it seems it was a case of love thy enemy, coming together so both could survive rather than battling it out at the detriment to both.

If you or someone you love just loves satellite radio (or, in particular, Howard Stern), check out the rest of the column right here.