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'The Timeless Dignity Of Tens Of Thousands Of Iranians Marching In Silence'

'THE TIMELESS DIGNITY OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF IRANIANS MARCHING IN SILENCE'.... As the brutality in Iran becomes more apparent, the forcefulness of the administration's strategic responses adapts. We were told in advance of today's White House press conference that President Obama would use different, tougher language today, and that's exactly what happened.
This was an opening statement -- Obama discussed his perspective in more detail in response to specific questions -- but notice that the president continues to carefully walk a fine line. For example, the president condemned the violence and offered an unambiguous defense of those who wish to peaceable assemble and have their voices heard.

But also note, he didn't dictate suggested remedies -- John McCain's suggestion that the U.S. should call for new elections hasn't gained traction -- and certainly didn't insert the American government in the middle of the intra-Iranian conflict.

Obama, in other words, took a firm stand against the actions of the Iranian regime, while avoiding language that the same regime could exploit or use as an excuse for more brutality.

I've included a full transcript of the opening remarks after the jump.

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