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The Tetriminos Are Back

GameCore is's video game column, this review was written by Lyndsey Hahn.

We all remember Tetris. It is, after all, one of the most popular games of all time. An archetypal puzzle video game, the original incarnation of Tetris helped move Nintendo's sales and suck time out of our lives like no other.

Now it is back and there's a new slew of game types that Tetris DS brings to the table.

Clear all Tetriminos in Standard Mode; the game we've all found ourselves addicted to at some point. Fuse falling Tetriminos in a cluster to create a 4x4 (or more) block core that will explode when you press X or in 10 seconds to take out random Metroids in Catch Mode. Complete a number of goals with a time constraint in the Zelda styled Mission Mode.

Select and solve Mario's puzzle on the top screen with a limited amount of drops and Tetriminos displayed on the touch screen in Puzzle Mode. Using your DS's stylus, play Balloon Fight themed Touch Mode to rotate and clear preset pieces until the screen is empty or, for a more advanced level, clear the screen with preset pieces that are not able to rotate.

Or play the Donkey Kong styled Push Mode to play against the CPU in a battle to push each other across the danger zone. In this mode, you place Tetriminos from the top down while the CPU plays from the bottom up.

Tetris DS wouldn't be complete with out the multiplayer option. You can challenge up to nine other friends to a battle in three different modes: Standard, Mission, or Push.

Don't have nine best friends in your house to defeat? Choose the DS's Wi-Fi option to host or join a game with a friend across the country (via Friend Codes) or a random opponent worldwide. In the worldwide option, you will be quickly matched up with another player searching for a game. Even more intriguing in this mode is that your wins and losses determine your Wi-Fi Rating.

In Standard Mode, the original Tetris only allowed you to send grey lines to another player as you defeated them; Tetris DS throws a few more variables into the mix. Clear "?" blocks to gain random items: Boo will hide your opponents' upcoming Tetriminos, a Lightening Bolt that will not let your opponents' Tetriminos rotate for a short time, etc. You can always disable the Items and play the original game, too.

Tetris DS is a very well thought-out game. With catchy remixed songs from Nintendo sounds, the ability to play six different modes with a multitude of levels and possibilities, and the innovative Worldwide Wi-Fi opponent match up system, this game will keep your eyes open and your thumbs mashing.

This is more than just another puzzle game. It's Tetris.

Score: 10/10
By Lyndsey Hahn

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