A tale of two Super Bowl quarterbacks

CBS News

A battle of the ages. A 20-something versus a 30-something in a game that could be something else.

Peyton Manning's candid moment with Bill Belichick after Sunday's AFC championship game is adding more drama to a game that already features the most diametric division of team leaders in Super Bowl history.

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"Hey, this may be my last rodeo ... it's been a real pleasure," Manning told Belichick.

Manning, 39, is the most prolific passer the game has ever seen, but perhaps the least mobile.

Carolina's Cam Newton, just 26, is the best running quarterback today.

He rushed for more yards than any of his peers, 636 yards. Manning on the other hand has rushed negative six yards.

Ray Lucas played quarterback during his NFL career. He said the two are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

"When you look at Peyton Manning, prototypical old-fashioned quarterback," he said. "Then you flip the script and look at Cam Newton. New era QB. Running and passing threat."

And the extreme style split extends beyond game plays and age gaps. On the sideline, Manning never takes his eyes away from printouts and looks like he's constantly cramming for the SATs.

Newton is demonstrative and hyper-emotional, smiling and soaking in every moment like the most rambunctious kid on the playground.

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About the only thing they do share is stifling defenses, the two best in the NFL.

"I think it's going to be a defensive match up. I know people want to see 49-48 but I don't think it's going to be that way," he said. "It's gonna be awesome.

Only one of these two walks away with the ring: the Bronco riding his last rodeo, or the young Panther, likely on the verge of many more.

Super Bowl 50 is on Sunday, Feb. 7 on CBS.