The Stripper-gram Politician

Here in Britain, we are not very interested in politicians. Most of us wouldn't recognise the members of Prime Minister Gordon Brown's cabinet. A few might even ask, Gordon Who?

But today I want to tell you about the lady who has pushed politics right up the hit parade. Everyone in her constituency knows who she is. Everyone in her constituency knows what she stands for. You see, Councillor Myrna Bushell has given her party a zip of a boost.

She won office, as a member of Britain's third political force, the Liberal Democrats, back in May. You probably won't have heard much about the Liberal Democrats. Neither had we until Myrna came along.

Myrna lives in the pretty seaside town of Bideford in North Devon, way down in the outback of England. You probably hadn't heard of Bideford either. Neither had we until the local voters picked Myrna for their town council.

Since then Bideford has become a honeypot for political journalists seeking something spicy to write about. The town may be slap bang in the middle of nowhere. The affairs of the council may be totally irrelevant to everyone else. But Bideford now has pulling power.

You either loathe Myrna - and squads of her senior fellow Liberal Democrats apparently loathe her so much they have resigned from the local party in disgust - or you love her. You see Myrna Bushell isn't just a Liberal Democrat promoting goody-goody policies like energy conservation and kindness to animals. Myrna is something of a siren.

By day, she might be popping round to canvass your vote. But by night, you'll find Myrna dressed up as a French maid, a leather-clad biker, or a raunchy headmistress -- and then brightening up your day by taking her clothes off for you - at 200 dollars a go.

Her strippogram business is booming. It's all legal. And she's still in politics. What's more, she's given her party something their leaders at Westminster have craved for years - sex appeal.
by Ed Boyle