The Strange Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld

A man wanted in the murder of his wife makes an outrageous claim - the U.S. wants to silence him for what he saw at Ground Zero

The Strange Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld

Produced by Anthony Venditti, Clare Friedland and Alicia Tejada

For more than a decade, authorities in Denver, Colorado, have been fighting to bring back a man living in Argentina to face trial in the murder of his wife.

Kurt Sonnenfeld was a cameraman who worked for FEMA and videotaped Ground Zero. He's been fighting extradition with an outrageous claim: that the United States really wants him back for what he saw after 9/11.

"48 Hours"' Erin Moriarty went to Buenos Aires to investigate this unusual cat-and-mouse tale.

  • Erin Moriarty
    Erin Moriarty

    Correspondent, "48 Hours"