The Strange Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld

A man wanted in the murder of his wife makes an outrageous claim - the U.S. wants to silence him for what he saw at Ground Zero

Produced by Anthony Venditti, Clare Friedland and Alicia Tejada

For more than a decade, authorities in Denver, Colorado, have been fighting to bring back a man living in Argentina to face trial in the murder of his wife.

Kurt Sonnenfeld was a cameraman who worked for FEMA and videotaped Ground Zero. He's been fighting extradition with an outrageous claim: that the United States really wants him back for what he saw after 9/11.

"48 Hours"' Erin Moriarty went to Buenos Aires to investigate this unusual cat-and-mouse tale.

  • Erin Moriarty

    Correspondent, "48 Hours"