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The Straight Story About Crooked X

By day, they're just mild-mannered students at Coweta Junior High, right outside of Tulsa.

But at night, these unassuming 13-year-olds morph into one of the hottest young – and we do mean young – bands in their part of the country.

It's not accurate to say the band Crooked X has been around for "a while" – after all, that would put them on stage when they were barely out of elementary school.

But they are fairly seasoned vets have been playing the club circuit in and around the Midwest, where they have a following.

Crooked X is comprised of Forrest (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Jesse (Guitar, Vocals), Boomer (Drummer, Vocals) and Josh (Bass Guitar, Vocals).

"Some people come up to our parents while we're playing and say, how old are they, 16, 17? And they'd say, no, they're 13. People are, like, WHAT??," Forrest told CBS News special correspondent Adam Kontras (of Adam and the Egos, hosts of Living Room Live).

And the boys credit their parents with contributing to the success of the group: "My dad, ANY of the parents, if it wasn't for them, if we wouldn't have a strong group behind us like our parents...
we wouldn't be anywhere we are today," said Jesse.

Earlier this year they took a chance and submitted a tape to the kid's edition of The Early Show's Living Room Live competition, where they were the runners-up.

More importantly, their exposure on The Early Show caught the attention of two Los Angeles-based music pros, Doc McGhee and Spencer Proffer, who signed Crooked X to a multi-media contract.

Their Early Show appearance was the thing that got them signed, said McGhee, who has helped the careers of groups like KISS, Bon Jovi and Motley Crue. "That's how we found out about [the band] … After watching [their tape], we went, 'This is as good as it gets.'"

As for their plans for the boys, "I think, first and foremost, we need to create a media vehicle, which is a television show," said Proffer. "We really want to see [who] the guys are, not fictional, but factual, reality-based … That becomes the anchor, a record deal will follow, clearly. A merchandising deal, an agency deal …"

"I am totally excited," said Forrest. "I'm full of adrenaline right now. I can't quit jittering. I mean, like they all said, there's only one word that can put this all together and it's 'awesome'!"

"I think this is awesome," said Boomer. "It's just happening too quick for me. I'm still trying to realize what's going on right now."

"He's still in Coweta," said Josh.

"I'm still in Coweta, man!" responded Boomer.