The Sport of Kings: Polo

Polo is back, or at least that is Nacho Figueras's dream, as he leads the charge to bring the sport of kings back to the playing fields of America.

Nacho: I've broken my nose twice. I have stitches here from like here to there. I broken my wrist. I broken my ankle. I've been unconscious twice from falling. It's a rough sport.

Lara Logan: You took a ball in the eye?

Nacho: Yeah, right here.

That explains the helmets and kneepads the players have to wear. Nacho didn't bother with any of that when he was a boy growing up on a farm in Argentina, obsessed with polo.

Nacho: I always say, if you're born in Hawaii, you'll surf. If you're born in Austria, you'll ski. If you're born in Argentina, then most likely you'll play polo.

Lara Logan: What's the thing you're best at on the field?

Nacho: I am tough. I am not the most talented guy with the ball or playing. I run. I kick. I hit people hard. I never give up.

Lara Logan: So you're determined?

Nacho: Oh yes, determined.

Determined to try to make polo in America as popular as it was 75 years ago when these pictures were filmed on Long Island. Back then, wealthy families like the Vanderbilts and the Whitneys dominated the game and Hollywood stars like Spencer Tracy and Walt Disney were avid players.

To understand how the game is played, we asked Nacho for a lesson.

Nacho: It's four against four, you play different periods called chukkers. They're seven minutes long. You have to score with a ball that is this big.

The object is to hit the ball through the opposing team's goal and it all takes place on the largest field in sports, big enough to fit nine football fields. The rules are you have to use your right hand to play and control the horse with your left.

The horses go as fast as 35 miles an hour and usually last about three and a half minutes before they have to be swapped out. Nacho has one of the best strings of polo ponies in the game.

Lara Logan: What are his strengths on the field?

Nacho: Stopping and turning, amazing. These horses can stop on a dime.

Nacho: You can compare it with racecar driving.

Lara Logan: So this is a Ferrari right here?

Nacho: This is a Ferrari right here that then also has to be tuned and feel great for the game.

He told us nothing is more important than the horse and he picks his carefully.

Nacho: This one is Cortina. I bought her two years ago from a very famous American polo player called Owen Rinehart.

Owen Rinehart runs a world-class breeding and training operation on his 300-acre ranch in Aiken, South Carolina. In a game dominated by Argentines, this American was once one of the best in the world.

Lara Logan: What makes a good polo pony?

Owen Rinehart: Speed, agility, mental soundness, competitiveness, the really good ones are really competitive.

Lara Logan: You can't overstate the importance of a polo pony?

Owen Rinehart: Unbelievable how important they are.