The Secret CIty Revealed


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Highway to the
underground city
For more than 40 years, Krasnoyarsk-26 has been a secret city. Only now are Westerners being allowed in. Find out why Krasnoyarsk-26 and other cities like it may be the biggest threat to our national security today. Nestled in the heart of Siberia, it is home to almost 100,000 people. Krasnoyarsk-26 was created 50 years ago specifically to produce plutonium to make nuclear weapons. Now, with the end of the Cold War, those weapons are no longer needed. But because the city depends on nuclear fuel for heat, it must continue to produce weapons-grade plutonium. And with Russia sinking into a depression, the city is becoming desperate. Will someone end up selling plutonium to a rogue state or a terrorist?

George Crile
Focus On: No American had ever been inside the
plutonium-producing mountain at the center of Krasnoyarsk-26. But
CBS News Producer George Crile got in. What did he have to go through to get in? And what was it like once he was there? Find out.

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