The Sea Lion: the world's fastest amphibious car

Sea Lion prototype
M. Witt

(CBS News) You're a sophisticated car buyer; you want it all. You want a car that goes fast, a car that looks unique, a car that can transition into a speed boat in seconds. Finally, there's a car for you. Introducing the Sea Lion prototype: the world's fastest amphibious "land speed" vehicle.

It's not technically a car. The Sea Lion's designer calls it an Amphibious World Speed Record Competition Vehicle. It was designed to set world records on land and on water. On the road, the Sea Lion clocks in at 125-mph. Not terribly impressive, but it's off the road where the Sea Lion shines. The vehicle can reach 60-mph on water.

The competition for world's fastest amphibious land speed vehicle may not be the world's largest. Only twenty-five machines are currently contending for the title. But the Sea Lion apparently stands out from the pack - apparently, because the Guinness World Record folks have yet to officially declare a winner.

Sea Lion was designed using CAD software and spread sheet calculations, by M. Witt, according to a press release. The vehicle is primarily, TIG welded 5052 Aluminum constructed from CNC plasma burned shapes and other CNC milled components. It has an integrated monocoque welded uni-body center section. There are removable side pods, used for floatation and cargo, and removable fenders front and rear.