Read an excerpt of John Grisham's upcoming novel "The Rooster Bar"

"CBS This Morning" is getting a first look at bestselling author John Grisham's latest novel, "The Rooster Bar." 


"The Rooster Bar," Grisham's 25th legal thriller, takes you inside a law firm on shaky ground. The novel explores the world of student debt and centers on three law students who borrowed heavily to attend third-tier law schools. They discover their school is part of a chain owned by a New York hedge-fund operator who also owns a bank specializing in student loans and decide to drop out. 

Grisham, who is the author of 31 novels, was inspired to write the novel after reading an article from the Atlantic called "The Law School Scam." 

We're excited to announce that you can read the first four chapters of "The Rooster Bar" below.

"The Rooster Bar" is out Oct. 24, 2017. Tune in Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017 for Grisham's interview with "CBS This Morning." 

Download the first four chapters (or read below). 

Excerpt courtesy of Doubleday.