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The Rock's Movie Smackdown

Known simply as The Rock, Dwayne Johnson has become one of the biggest names in professional wrestling.

With a best-selling book under his belt, and the notable box office success of his first starring role in "The Scorpion King," he has returns to the big screen as a bounty hunter fighting his way through the Amazon in the new movie, "The Rundown."

Taking a page from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who makes a brief cameo in "The Rundown," Johnson shows his comedic skills in an action film with the help of actors Seann William Scott, Christopher Walken and Rosario Dawson.

Johnson tells The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith, "I feel just fortunate. Very lucky to be able to work with really, really good actors and that's what I wanted out of 'The Rundown' is to make a movie that was big and fun and entertaining."

To make sure he was on the right track, it is said Johnson went to the producer of the movie as it was getting ready to roll and said, "Tell me what I'm doing. Help me be a better actor .

Johnson says, "I always do that, especially if I want to become decent at the craft, which I do. That's my nature to be a sponge."

He adds, "That was Mark Abraham, by the way, who produced 'The Rundown.' He didn't tell you afterwards I got on his nerves because it continued for three or four months. I drove him up a wall. It was like, 'Rock, please, get out of my face.' 'No, Mark, please tell me.'"

And his work paid off. "The Rundown" was No. 1 at the box office over the weekend and has gotten rave reviews.

In the film, Johnson plays bounty hunter Beck, who no longer can stomach his work. But he agrees to take one last job before following his passion — to be a restaurant owner.

He flies to Brazil to apprehend a kingpin's son, Travis (Scott). The ambitious archeologist, however, has other plans. A simple task for Beck soon turns complicated. Travis's goal is to stay in the Brazilian jungle to find a rare artifact that may be worth millions of dollars.

Beck also faces Hatcher (Walken), who isn't willing to let Travis leave his jungle because of the amateur archeologist's knowledge of the priceless artifact. And the bounty hunter faces rebels, lead by the local Mariana (Dawson), with their own agendas.

The Rock has also gotten a profile in GQ magazine.

He says, "It was late at night and I was reading the article and it dawned on me, it was, like, 'Man, I can't believe I'm reading my article on the cover of the G.Q. Magazine.' Really surreal."

Some Facts About Dwayne Johnson

  • Born Dwayne Douglas Johnson in Miami on May 2, 1972
  • Johnson is the grandson of Samoan wrestler High Chief Peter Maivia and the son of wrestler Rocky Johnson
  • Johnson earned a football scholarship to the University of Miami, where he majored in criminology
  • In 1994, Johnson was drafted by the Canadian Football League and moved to Calgary
  • Johnson moved back to the States and in 1996 debuted as Flex Kavana on the minor-league wrestling circuit
  • Johnson made the transition to the WWF, a televised wrestling circuit, and called himself Rocky Maivia; he later renamed himself The Rock
  • In 1999, Johnson moved into acting and played his true-life father in an episode of the Fox sitcom "That '70s Show"
  • In 2000, Johnson was a special guest on the late night variety show "Saturday Night Live"
  • In 2001, Johnson made his feature acting debut as The Scorpion King in the "The Mummy Returns"
  • In 2002, Johnson starred in "The Scorpion King"
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