The Remarkable Comeback of Michael Vick

While reporting for "60 Minutes" last summer, James Brown of CBS Sports got the first interview with Michael Vick after his release from prison. What a difference a year can make.

Talk about a rollercoaster career. Back in 2005, Michael Vick was the highest paid player in the NFL. At the time, he told an enthusiastic press corps, "The only thing that matters is winning football games." Then, an amazing fall from grace: he was arrested for running a brutal dog-fighting ring. Following an 18-month prison stint, Vick made it back to pro football, and this season, he is suddenly the hottest quarterback in the league -- and the most talked-about story in the NFL.

But no matter what Vick does on the field, will he ever overcome his past? James Brown of CBS Sports interviewed Vick last summer for 60 Minutes. "JB" spent time with Vick in recent weeks, speaking with the quarterback one-on-one. Has Vick really changed? Is he making good on the promises we heard in the "60 Minutes" interview last year? We sat down with JB this week, looking for answers and insights into Michael Vick.

What's your opinion of Vick?