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The Race To Lose Weight - As A Family

A report out Tuesday says America seems to be raising a generation of small fries who could very well turn out to be couch potatoes. When they're 9, kids spend about three hours a day being physically active. But that drops to less than 1/3 of that by age 15. That can lead to health problems, including obesity. CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann reports on how some families are trying to beat those odds together.

In one relay race, everyone's goal is the same - to lose. Lose weight, that is.

Loren Hanish has been heavy for 25 years.

Now her daughters, 18-year-old Barrett and 9-year-old Vanessa, are in the same boat, struggling to get smaller.

Name a diet, and the Hanishes have tried it back home near Los Angeles.

"They were getting heavier," Loren said. "And I decided the only way it was going to work was if we all did it."

South of Raleigh, N.C., the Wellspring weight loss camp is often a family's last resort.

"It's not easy, it's not easy for families to say we need to go to a weight-loss camp," said Martha Laugen, the camp's director.

There is no quick fix. It's about overhauling a family's lifestyle. They put it on together - now they'll try to take it off together.

Change is often hard. But the program's simple.

Every day, walk at least 10,000 sand steps. Eat fewer than 20 grams of fat. And write down everything you eat.

Do that, and Wellspring says 70 percent of their families will keep off weight they lose.

The Hanishes eat together, exercise together. And lose together.

"I never saw myself getting on a recumbent bike," Loren said. "I think we motivate each other."

So far, together, they've lost 25 pounds in three weeks.

Gavin Crum's mother, Elisa, sees her weight issues in him.

"She wants to lose weight," Gavin said. "I think, if my mom can do it, so can I."

"Does that get the legs churning too?" Strassmann asked.

"I don't want to be embarrassed, absolutely," Elisa laughed.

They're families feeding off each other, and winning - by losing.

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