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The Public's Eyes: Pop Quiz!

I just received, via email, a list of Monday's top ten interactive web features. (If you're not sure what an interactive is, you'll find a lot of them on the left side of the main page.)

The top three interactives from Monday, in alphabetical order, were as follows:

"Celebrity Circuit," a photo essay of celebrities;

"Howard Stern – King Of All Media," a photo essay of Stern; and

"Victoria's Secret," a photo essay of…well, you know.

Now, those are the top three in alphabetical order. But I thought it would be fun to get your guesses on which of the three was, ultimately, the most popular. That is: Which interactive do you think got the most hits? Did celebrities beat out scantily clad women? Is the King Of All Media the king of all interactives? Who's really getting the clicks?

Post your guesses in comments for who came in first, who was the runner up, and who, ahem, is the loser with the bronze. Feel free to add whatever commentary you want. (The funnier, the better, of course.) I've already been told that first place had to have gone to Stern, and also that you should never bet against the Victoria's Secret ladies. Somebody's gotta be wrong. Let us know what you think below.

I'll reveal the true order at the end of the day.

UPDATE: OK, the polls have closed, and let me congratulate my1716 and melissamcn1, who correctly guessed that the most popular interactive was Victoria's Secret, followed by Howard Stern, followed by Celebrities. Thanks for playing!