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The President Has A Full Plate

As President Clinton goes into what he hopes will be a weekend (or longer) of comparative peace, the world waits.

Waits for other shoes to drop.

The shadowy armies of radical Islamic American-haters is still out there, moving around, planning more hits. The two U.S. strikers, in Sudan and Afghanistan, sent them a message, a message that they cannot operate with complete impunity. But, the strikes, so far as can be determined, did not cripple their ability to do harm. Not by a long shot.

Do they strike back, immediately? If so, where? Or, do they bide their time, let this moment pass, and wait for a more opportune moment, when America's guard is down again, as it inevitably will be.

Does President Clinton decide to hit again, sometime soon? There's no indication of that. So the world can't and shouldn't know in advance.

Then there is the relentless pursuit of the Clintons, most especially the president, by special prosecutor Ken Starr. Starr has not gone away, nor is he going anytime soon. As regards President Clinton, Starr and his group are smiling to themselves these days and saying, "Got him." Indeed they have. Got him, big time. Now, their goal is to get him out of office. For that, they believe they have a chance. And they aren't the only ones.

They will never acknowledge this, the wanting him out, of course. But they're working on it. And the world waits.

As we go into the weekend, there is much to ponder about the country's future.

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