The Perfect Child

48 Hours Looks At A Tragic Tale Of Adoption

Crystal and Jesse wanted a family. So they decided to adopt. They went all the way to Russia and adopted two children. But their dream took a strange, difficult turn. They say one of the children, a nine-year-old girl, turned out to have deep emotional problems. Could they cope with their new dilemma?

48 Hours Correspondent Troy Roberts reports on this sad, complicated story.

A Dream Come True? Crystal and Jesse traveled to Russia to adopt two children. They were happy. But then, they say, their perfect little girl became more and more withdrawn and angry.

The Situation Worsens: Crystal and Jesse say that the adoption agency misled them about their adopted daughter's condition. But the agency, in turn, says that it gave the couple all the information it had, and says it is not to blame. Meanwhile, Crystal and Jesse say they are running out of money to pay for their daughter's medical care.

A Difficult Decision: As the frustration mounts, Crystal and Jesse decide to return to Russia with their daughter. They are desperate for help. If they can't get it they may have to give up their child forever. Are they out of options? Find out.

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