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The PC Dilemma... Buy Now or Wait

If you bought a computer last year for the holidays, you may think of it as still being pretty new. But in computer years, it has reached middle age. By this time next year, it will be nearing retirement. The formula is true whether you're talking Apples or IBMs. A friend just bought the fastest Pentium computer money could buy, a 600 megahertz monster machine. That was last month. This month, the 733 MHz chips are out. And that new notebook in your's being left in the dust by a whole new line of Pentium IIIs being rolled out by all the big manufacturers....Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard and IBM, where Leo Suarez says...

"The customers that will migrate to Pentium III quickly initially will be small and medium sized businesses because these are the types of individuals that are waiting to buy the latest technology because they are the most concerned with investment protection."
A lot of home consumers have the same worry. They think, if I wait until next month to buy, the computers will be even faster and better. It's true. The problem is, it will be true the month after that and even more true the month after that. Not only will computers be faster and better, they'll probably be cheaper too.

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