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The Path of a Package

Cho Seung-Hui left his dormitory suite on Monday morning and headed to the Blacksburg Post Office on North Main Street armed with his package for NBC News.

It's a picturesque brick building built about 70 years ago with potted plants outside. Up the steps he walked in and rounded the corner to the counter. There, he found Susan Duarte, the only postal worker on duty.

She told CBS News it was busy and she did not remember him as much as she remembered his package, but not due to its contents, just the address. She had to look up the zip code for Rockefeller Plaza.

She said when she saw his face on the news, she recognized him from weeks earlier, but not from Monday. Just like the men who sold and transferred the guns to Cho, Duarte said she noticed nothing unusual about the mass murderer.

On his way out of the post office headed to Norris Hall, Cho passed a public awareness poster hung near the counter. It's still there. It reads "National Crime Victims' Rights Week: Victims' Rights: Every Victim. Every Time." The week starts on Monday.